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Ryssby Bridge

The Ryssby Congregation was organized January 3, 1878. In 1914 the church merged with the Elim Lutheran Church in Longmont to form the First Lutheran Church of Longmont.

This church site, declared a Historical Site by the State Historical Society of Colorado, through the efforts of the Rev. Luther Stromquist, former pastor of First Lutheran, continues to be refurbished. In 1984, Ryssby Church through efforts of Stan Elmquist received designation as a National Historical Site by the Department of Interior, U.S. Government, and by the Colorado State Historical Society.

Advent/Christmas candlelight services are held the second weekend of December each year.  A Midsummer service and picnic is held on the Sunday in June closest to the summer solstice (June 21) each year.

The Ryssby Committee welcomes inquiries from individual(s) wanting to use the church for a wedding, funeral or other special events.  The committee also provides assistance to individuals or families wanting to purchase a burial plot in the Ryssby Cemetery.

The Ryssby Committee has also established an endowment fund to cover the costs of ongoing maintenance and restoration work for the church and cemetery.

Please visit our Endowment page for more information about the fund.