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Ryssby Church in Sweden
Ryssby Church Sweden Painting by Martha WilliamsThe church where you stand was built in 1881-82 by emigrants from Ryssby, Sweden, who had first arrived here in 1869.  Although resources were limited, the settlers designed this church to match as closely as possible the church of their memories in Sweden.

The Parish Church of Ryssby, Småland, Sweden pictured here in a painting by Martha Nelson Williams, a descendant of one of the original immigrant families, is still active today.  Built on the site of an earlier stone church dating from the 12th century, the present church was dedicated in 1846.  Featuring a blue vaulted barrel ceiling, chandeliers above the center aisle, and a semicircular white altar rail, the church in Sweden can seat 700 worshipers.  Hanging near its entrance are a painting of Ryssby Church, Colorado and a banner symbolizing our shared history.

In memory of Allan Wiesel, 1927-2002, of Ryssby, Sweden, whose interest in our shared Lutheran faith and cultural heritage helped to strengthen the bonds and shorten the distance between the two Ryssby communities.

Make the door to this house wide enough to welcome everyone longing for love and solidarity, and narrow enough to exclude every conceit and quarrel.  Make the threshold so smooth that it will not be a stumbling block to children and stray feet, but so high and strong that it will overpower the tempter.  God, let the door to this house be the gates to your eternal kingdom.
Den Svenska Psalm Boken
English Translation: Allan Wiesel
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