Ryssby Caretaker Position Posted

The Ryssby Church committee has approved the Caretaker position to be filled, and is working with the First Lutheran Personnel Committee to offer the Caretaker position as a salaried part time employee.

The Ryssby committee approved a salary of $6,000 annually, to be paid $500 monthly. The Caretaker’s work schedule needs to be flexible weekly based on the seasonal work and scheduled event priority. It requires weekly duties to be performed at Ryssby throughout the year. The Caretaker will report to the Ryssby Committee Chairman as supervisor, with oversight by the First Lutheran senior Pastor.

The Caretaker does maintenance of the property and buildings, which includes cleaning of the church and restrooms. They will be responsible for the irrigation system programming and monitor the weekly watering to make changes as needed seasonally. The caretaker works closely with a contracted company for mowing, fertilization, and weed control from spring through fall months. They handle the seeding of grass and/or sod when necessary throughout the property. They will observe broken branches and large twigs from winds or storms and pick up as needed. The caretaker regularly monitors compliance to the cemetery rules and regulation by family and visitors, and works through compliance issues as needed. The caretaker will work with the Event Coordinator as needed for readiness and cleaning. The caretaker will collaborate with the Sexton for burials, monuments, and memorials for grass care and irrigation scheduling. (Randy Williams will continue as the Sexton responsible for Ryssby cemetery agreements and coordinating the burials, monuments, and columbarium activities.)

We hope to fill the Caretaker position this fall. If you are interested in the position please contact Herb Hergott (Ryssby Committee Chairman) by texting 303-588-2856 or email HLHusker5@gmail.com to receive a more detailed job description or get answers to questions.

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