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First Lutheran Longmont – Ryssby
Midsummer Picnic

Sunday, June 27th with 11:00
Worship service
Thanks and Credit To Zachary Carrettín Music Director, Boulder Bach Festival

Thanks and Credit To
Glenn V. Sherwood
Longmont, CO 80504-3026


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Learn about our endowment and history in Boulder County as a U.S. National Historic Site

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Our Wedding at Rysbby Church was everything we dreamed - spiritual and beautiful, we are so happy!
Allison H.


We hold 4 Annual Events and offer Ryssby for scheduling your own life event, be it wedding or funeral, including availability in Ryssby Cemetary or Columbarium. Connect with us and learn more.

Annual Events

From our Annual Cleanup Day to the Midsummer Festival to Christmas Candlelight service, there are great opportunities to come experience the unique and beautiful site of Ryssby.

Burial Services

Our Cemetary and Columbarium are unique and beautiful options for interment or inunrnment of your loved ones.


The Ryssby Church and grounds are beautiful and must be seen and experienced live to truly appreciate – however do the next best thing and browse our photos and enjoy the beauty of Ryssby.

Our endowment

The Ryssby Church Endowment Fund has been established to provide an endowment which will ensure the future care and maintenance of the church and cemetery.

The Endowment Committee manages donations and disbursements and can be contacted at any time for interest in either.

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