The Ryssby Committee of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church oversees the care and maintenance of a cemetery and columbarium. Read more about both below.

The Ryssby Cemetery was dedicated on the same day as the Church – Midsummer Sunday, June 24, 1882. The Ryssby Swedish Cemetery Book has been written and compiled by the Longmont Genealogical Society about the Swedish cemetery. It contains pictures of all of the gravestones in the cemetery as well as a compilation of the obituaries that were printed in various newspapers for most of the persons buried at Ryssby. Also included in the book are several histories of the Ryssby Church.

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In 2011, the installation and dedication of the Ryssby Columbarium in the cemetery was completed. The Columbarium contains 96 niches each containing room for the cremains of 2 people. Cemetery plots and niches in the new Columbarium are available for purchase.

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